Pricing Plan

Step #1

Customize Your Core

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Basic Package

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Premium Package

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Advanced Package

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Step #2

Add Features / Intigration

Features can be added or removeed as needed by your team.

[featuresbox icon=”flaticon-102-email” title=”Emails” stitle=”Maecenas malesuada orci a tristique pharetra prommassa tempus.” price=”+$50/mo” link=”|title:%60ADD||”]
[featuresbox icon=”flaticon-029-file-2″ title=”Forms” stitle=”Quisque iaculis loremr veltristique enim pulvinar ivafelis selies. ADD” price=”Free” link=”|title:ADD||”]
[featuresbox check=”true” icon=”flaticon-113-clipboard-2″ title=”Activities” stitle=”Daecenas maleada orci a tristique pharetr arecummassa tempus.” price=”+$10/mo” link=”|title:Added||” iclass=”pricing-feature-block-selected”]
[featuresbox icon=”flaticon-104-megaphone” title=”Ads” stitle=”Seronse lesuada orci a tristique pharetra proin preummassa dempus.” price=”+$5/mo” link=”|title:ADD||”]

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You’ve Selected Pacakge

Basic Package

5 Users | 10,000 Contacts

Activties Add on

$10 per user /mo | 30,000 Contacts

Total Price

$309 /mo

Save 15% if paid annually

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